SEVEN BEL: Sound Scanner – Automotive NVH Analysis & High Speed Capture

The Sound Scanner by Seven Bel is the first acoustic camera using “Sound Field Scanning” technology. It locates sound sources from 125Hz to 44kHz, delivering high-quality acoustic images directly to a mobile device.
This tool uses five microphones and an algorithm representing 400 virtual microphone positions, processing data efficiently in the cloud. It is lightweight, wireless, and battery-powered with up to 6 hours of runtime.

High Speed Capture: Precision in Every Millisecond
The High Speed Capture feature enables users to locate transient, repeatable sound events with extremely high temporal resolution. The scanner records these events at various angles, allowing precise analysis of sound source location and propagation. Users can select the time interval of interest and analyze sound events with a resolution of less than one millisecond, significantly improving real-time diagnostics and NVH testing efficiency.

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