GANTNER: Q.core – High-Performance Data Acquisition Controller

Q.core is a 19” slimline Rack (1HU) with a powerful data acquisition core and an inbuild 1GB Ethernet Switch. Up to 6 Q.stations can be connected (client), and one Ethernet port is used for communication with the network. The core acts like a master Q.station and can acquire data streams from all connected Q.stations.

Key features:

  • Very high data rates up to 96 channels with 100 kHz
  • Data streams of up to 6 Q.stations with 16 channels, 100 kHz each, can be acquired.
  • Ethernet Interface for communication with Q.stations and Network
  • 6 Gbit Ethernet Ports (RJ45) on the rear for communication with Q.stations.
    1 Gbit Ethernet Port (RJ45) on the front for communication with computers or servers in the network. Configuration with GI.bench for all connected Q.stations and internal data loggers.
  • Web Front End for data visualization and export
  • Built-in in web server with a comfortable front end to visualize all live data streams or stored data, export function for all data in multiple data formats
  • Data storage built-in 1 TB
  • SSD for storage of large data sets. Multiple data loggers are configurable for continuous or triggered storage. Data stream from multiple Q.stations and different sampling rates can be merged into a single stream or data file.
  • Synchronization and time stamp of measurement values
  • Q.core can be synchronized by NTP from the network and act as an NTP server for all connected Q.stations synced by Q.sync (hardwired). Optional synchronization by Precision Time Protocol PTP is available.

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