GANTNER: Q.CORE – Big Data processing made simple

The Q.core is Gantner’s new product innovation towards a high-performance streaming data architecture for testing & measurement, asset monitoring, and AI applications.

It is a Linux-based controller that can handle high-speed data streams from multiple Q.stations. Storage, processing, and data evaluation are a few of its main tasks. With the inbuild web frontend, you can visualize all the data on multiple computers in the network just by using the standard web browser. User Managemant enables total control about your visualization challenges. The perfect fit for multiscreen test beds and SCADA applications. Streaming data architectures are frameworks of software components built to process extensive data from multiple sources. While traditional data acquisition solutions focus on handling data in batches, a streaming data architecture consumes data immediately as it is generated.

What does Q.core do?
The Q.core is a high-performance data acquisition controller with six Ethernet ports for connecting decentralized Q.station X controllers (publishers), one uplink port for data clients (subscribers), two USB ports, an HDMI (optional), and up to 4TB internal SDD – all in 1U (1.75”) of 19-inch rack-mount space.

Stream processing with Q.core provides several benefits unlike other data acquisition platforms:

  • Easy data scalability – Q.core is a scalable data backend for merging multi-frequency data from thousands of sensors into one synchronized stream, eliminating the need for complex data engineering projects.
  • Multi-source data analysis – Detecting patterns over time, for example, looking for trends, requires continuous processing and analyzing data. Q.core enables online evaluation of large volumes of measurement data and arithmetic channels streaming from multiple Q.stations simultaneously.
  • Remote data monitoring – With Q.core’s online dashboard functionality, you don’t have to be near your data acquisition system to monitor your measurement data. With the built-in web server, you can easily access and even share your dashboard with a team of engineers or your customer.
  • Flexibility and support for multiple use cases – Q.core is a collaborative solution for improving the accessibility of measurement data through multiple file format support (UDBF, DAT, FAMOS, MATFile, and more) and the interoperability with supervisory systems via industrial Ethernet protocols (Modbus TCP/IP, OPC UA, DDS) or custom protocol plugins.
  • Standalone data acquisition – Q.core supports built-in data storage on its internal SSD or optional USB external hard drive without relying on a Windows PC for critical data acquisition tasks. If so desired, the Q.core can run wholly disconnected from the company network reducing cybersecurity threats.
  • Run your own data evaluation scripts with the inbuild jupyter lab environment. Or run you special interface or your own C++ or matlab code as a plugin on the Q.core.

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