GANTNER: Do you use battery testing’s latest technology?

Gantner Instruments provides modern DAQ solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles, utility and renewable energy support, stationary power, portable electronics, medical tech, and telecommunications.

The flexible and highly accurate Q.series X system can measure and process voltages in the low-voltage range up to the high-voltage range ±1500V. The measurement signals are all synchronous, regardless of measuring voltages, temperatures, currents, vibrations, shock, and many other variables. Gantner Instruments is involved in numerous applications for ECE R38.3 (battery transport test), ECE R100 (tests for homologation for traction batteries), and ISO 12405 (performance tests on battery systems).

  • Charge / discharge cycle testing
  • Battery Model development
  • Safety (abuse) testing
  • Performance testing
  • Environmental and thermal testing
  • Transport testing
  • Cell, Module, and Pack testing
  • Live cycle testing
  • Vibration and shock
  • Short circuit testing

Numerous standards exist in battery testing to ensure safety and protect the battery from misuse. Test fields can range from the cell level to the module and up to the complete battery system. Typical test requirements include mechanical handling, vibration, shock, and electrical tests like short circuits or overvoltage.

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