OPTEL TEXYS is a specialist in optical fibre sensors and probes and enjoys a worldwide recognition among users of rotating machines and engines for its accurate sensors suitable for high-speed measurement. Our products facilitate, among others, torsion analysis, angular, acoustical and torsional vibrations measurement.

Our developments are focused on the area of CO² reduction, preventive and predictive maintenance, monitoring and related processes, reduction of noise level, safety, durability for engine test benches or on board vehicles applications. Thanks to our engineering innovations and technology, our products are not sensitive to EM field; OPTEL TEXYS has been providing optimal treatment of rapid electronics since 1971, among others the design of optical fibres at lengths considered optimal.

Our customers have confidence in the high quality of our products. Due to permanent and continuous innovations and innovative technology, OPTEL TEXYS products can be installed very quickly, at the same time providing maximum practicability for the user: OPTEL TEXYS enables customers to combine high-end technology with economic efficiency. We also put major importance on customer service.

With agencies in Japan and Korea, and a strong presence in Germany, OPTEL TEXYS is an enterprise focused on customers’ need for secrecy and renowned in the area of measurement equipment. Our technology is often preferred over that of competitors.

As of January 2020, OPTEL TEXYS (formerly OPTEL THEVON) has become a member of Texys Group.

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Optel Texys S.A.
6, Rue Emile Landrin
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